Letter to co-organizers (Enrollment 2019 update)

(Children with Special Needs)

To : all special schools, child care centres and integrated kindergartens,

Dear Madam/Sir,

Re : Invitation as Co-organizer for the course Professional Certificate in Music Therapy (Children with Special Needs) 音樂治療專業證書 ( 特殊需要兒童 )

Our Centre has been providing music therapy services for children with special needs and courses, especially staff training programs for educational and rehabilitation institutes in Hong Kong for close to 30 years now. In response to the highly positive feedbacks from our course attendants, as well as to meet a great demand in the use of music in training in the field, our Centre Director, Mr. Pang Ka Wa, Paul has envisioned to design and conduct a comprehensive training program for people working in such settings.

The last module of the captioned program requires our program participant to do clinical work in one of the educational or rehabilitation setting in Hong Kong. The on-site practicum work of each of them consists of 1 assessment and 7 treatment sessions over an approximately 9-week period during each 13-month term. Two of the treatment sessions would be video- taped for supervision purpose and parent consents would be secured before we proceed with treatment.

We would like to invite your school/centre to be one of our program co-organizers to provide on-site practicum work for our course interns at your facility. It would be our honor to have your facility to participate and it’s only with your assistance that we would be able to provide complete training for our interns. We would be sure that our collaboration in this regard would be beneficial to your clients, their parents, our interns as well as the success of this program.

Please find here in our web site more information on this program. If you so desire to be one of our co-organisers, simply fill in the reply slip and return to us by mail. We shall contact you to work out the details in due time. Meanwhile, we also welcome your valuable comments on our program as the course participants would be expecting themselves to work in facility like yours after they have completed this program.

Thank you for your kind attention and we look forward to your participation in this exciting program.

Yours faithfully,


Stella S.T. Ho

Centre Administrator