Pro Cert一般資料

General Information (Enrollment 2022 update)

(Children with Special Needs)
17th Enrollment

1. Program content
This Professional Certificate (PC) program consists of lecture, class practice as well as on-site practicum work, a total of 108 hours. It aims to equip participants with a good knowledge base and theory in applying Behavioral Music Therapy for children with special needs. The program also includes the teaching of Neurologic Music Therapy, an advance music therapy discipline with application for people with neurological impairments such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, autism and mental retardation. It is also a skill mastery program that trains participants to use music. Participants who complete the program with satisfactory assessment results would be able to competently apply music therapeutically for children with special needs in educational and rehabilitation settings.

2. Entry requirement of an applicant

2.1. Age 18 or over

2.2. Grade 5 or above in any music instrument. Applicants who do not have grade 5 standard in any music instrument may still apply. However, proof of a grade 5 standard has to be submitted within 36 months from the date of commencement of this program before the certificate can be issued. Moreover, priority enrolment would be given to those who have attained a grade 5 instrument standard. Anyone whose instruments that are not listed in the examination of The Royal School of Music/The Trinity College of Music can take an Entry Audition to determine his/her eligibility. (An audition fee is required)

2.3. Able to sing in tune for 1.5 octaves in one’s natural register to chordal accompaniment. (As there would be no audition for this skill, applicants have to determine for themselves whether they meet this requirement. Applicants could opt for an Entry Audition to determine his/her eligibility. Please note that SINGING IN TUNE is a requirement that has to be met before the Professional Certificate would be granted.)

2.4. Form 6 or above

2.5. Pass grade or above in subjects Chinese and English in HKCEE or HKDSE

2.6. Applicants who do not have proofs of items 2.4 and 2.5 can apply as mature student status if age over 30. (Please refer to application form.)

3. Graduate requirement

3.1. 80% or over attendance all modules except module 2 and 6.

3.2. Complete all assignments and practical works.

3.3. Pass all quizzes.

3.4. Satisfactory performance in music skills to be determined by a Graduate Audition.

3.4.1 Guitar accompaniment skill

3.4.2 Djembe (African drumming) skill and improvisation

3.4.3 Vocal skill

3.5. Students not meeting any of the above requirements would be issued an attendance certificate (80% or over attendance in each module required) even though one is enrolled in the PC program.

3.6. Students who do not opt to attend the Graduate Audition session within 4 months from the last meeting of the program should apply for an extension in writing. Only ONE extension would be granted and an extension fee is required.

4. Program instruction

4.1. All modules to be taught by the Centre Director, Mr. Pang Ka Wa, Paul except Module X.

4.2. All classes to be conducted in Cantonese supplemented with English.

4.3. Handouts would be primarily in English. Assignments could be written in Chinese or English.

4.4. Class format include lecture, discussion, role playing, performance, music making, video analysis and practicum work.

4.5. All classes to be conducted at Pang’s Music Therapy Centre at Rm 601-2, Hing Lung Comm Bldg., 68-74 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong except On-site Practicum.

5. Module exemption

5.1. Module 1 would be exempted if participants have taken our course “Music Therapy for Children with Special Needs” from 2019to 2020 and have met the graduate requirement.

5.2. Exemption for Module 2 (Guitar) and Module 6 (Djembe) is possible if students have learned them previously. However, every student has to pass the Graduation Audition before the Certificate would be granted. (Individual and/or small group tutorial at extra tuition fee could be arranged.)

6. Date of commencement
February 16, 2022

7. Class schedule

7.1. One evening meeting per week

7.2. Time of class: 7:00 pm, Wednesdays, except Module 8 On-site Practicum.

7.3. Duration of meeting would be 1.25 hours to 2.5 hours depending on individual module.

聲明! 此課程不會賦予修讀者「音樂治療師」的資格。

Attention! This program does not qualify the participants to be “music therapists”.